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You'll find a variety of content in my blog, including articles or websites that are helpful for students, my personal thoughts on piano learning and education, and the periodic studio update or announcement.

Parent Panel at the PMTA Meeting

Join us at Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola for an awesome parent panel covering several topics to do with music instruction!

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Missed lessons & the new make-up policy

New Make-up Policy!

I want students coming to their lessons, but I recognize that life happens. Unpredictable illness, a dental cleaning scheduled months ago, an event for another sibling, etc. So here's what I'm going to do...

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Studio Updates

I've been working hard to streamline my policies and operation flow at my studio. Below are some announcements for February. Stay tuned for the new (trial) make-up policy!

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Do I need an acoustic (i.e. a “real piano") to take piano lessons?

The real answer? It depends.

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Kicking off another great year of piano!

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to anybody finding me for the first time. For all my returning students and families - welcome back!

Fall lessons started this past week. While summer lessons are an excellent way to keep the wheels turning for those long months off, nearly all of my students make the most progress during the school year. There is just something about the normal routine that helps keep us all on track. I'm excited we're back at it and looking forward to making progress toward our musical goals.

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A Month of Practice

The theme for February was Practice. What can we do to make it easier? How about more fun? What are other parents doing that make them successful?

In this short post, I share ideas from the families in my studio as well as from the parent panel at the last PMTA meeting.

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Buddy lessons are an excellent way to make music and learn piano with a peer.

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