Piano Lessons

Celebrating creativity, Making music & Having fun at the piano

Charity and me at the piano

Students may choose from two different lesson options: buddy and one-on-one. Full details on lesson fees, policies and the academic calendar can be found here.

Buddy Piano Lessons

Buddy lessons combine the best of both worlds - private and group - without any of the drawbacks. Students are engaged in learning 100% of the time they are in my studio. And they have fun! Each student gets the highly individualized structure of private lessons followed by overlap with the next student. This buddy time allows us to work on ensemble improvisation, theory games, and duets.

Students under 7 years old will have 40-minute buddy lessons. This is 20 minutes private followed by 20 minutes with me and another student.

Students 8 years and older will take 50-minute buddy lessons. This is 30 minutes private followed by 20 minutes with me and another student.

One-on-One Piano Lessons - Child or Adult

Students 7 or younger or in their first year of study will take 30-minute one-on-one lessons.

Students older than 8 or in their second year of study will take 45-minute one-on-one lessons.

Adults will usually take 45-minute private lessons, but 30 and 60 minute options are available on a case-by-case basis.

"So thankful we found Piano with Chelsea in the local area. She is wonderful with my 6 year old as Chelsea allows her to grow her love of learning and music during each weekly session. I love that she engages my daughter as a piano peer versus a small child when it comes to truly teaching piano/music.

We get a sense of productivity in each session, but as a parent/guardian, you have to ensure your child practices throughout the week if you’d like to see ongoing progress (just like with any hobby/skill - practice makes perfect).

I highly recommend Chelsea for lessons of all ages as her teaching skills, love of the piano, and professionalism are top notch!"

~J Tackett

My Teaching Approach

Learning to play the piano should be about more than just classical music. I am classically trained and love classical music, but there is much more in the world of piano to explore. In my studio, I include less commonly taught aspects of the piano, including:

  • Improvisation
  • Pop style chord progressions
  • Simple jazz and blues
  • Composition

We learn new skills and concepts in a variety of new ways, including:

  • Board and card games
  • Percussion instruments
  • Manipulatives
  • Digital apps

Lessons cover all the foundational elements of piano, but I also strive to keep our time together fresh, exciting, and interesting.

Performance Opportunities

Due to having recently relocated to the area, there will not be any semester-end performances during the academic year 2022-2023. In the future, I plan to have a mid-year and year-end recital; both optional.

Other opportunities to perform include:

  • Baroque Festival
  • Sonata and Scholarship Contests
  • Simple jazz and blues
  • Concerto Competition
  • Student Day at Pensacola Christian Academy
What kind of piano do you need for piano lessons?
Some teachers have a strict requirement that students have an acoustic piano. Read more about my perspective here.

Student Featurettes

I periodically record my students so that they can see their progress and share their accomplishments with others. These short videos will appear on my website and are welcome to be used by friends and family.

Student Featurettes