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Celebrating creativity, Making music, and Having fun at the piano

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"Chelsea fosters a love of learning with all her students and inspires them to do their best. She takes time to learn more about her students and tailors the lessons to each child. My children are growing their love of classical music while also learning music theory.

Chelsea is very professional and is exceptional at what she does. I highly recommend her services to everyone looking for a piano instructor."

~Danielle Duffield

We explore new music together.When possible, most student absences are eligible to be made up.We use manipulatives and games to learn music theory concepts and technique.

Customized for
individual goals

Flexible make-up policy

Gamified Learning

Lessons are not just about classical music and taking piano exams. Everybody is welcome in my studio.

Students can make use of other students' cancellations. Families are not penalized for having busy lives.

Lessons cover all the foundational elements of piano, but I also strive to keep our time together fresh, exciting and interesting.