Student Featurettes

Here are just a few videos of students hard at work in my Milton piano studio. Keep in mind that these are our 'progress report' videos, recorded to later show students how much they have grown and improved.

Feel free to save or share your child' s content wherever you feel is appropriate.

Emma started piano lessons in late May 2022. This progress report video was filmed about 5 months later. It is just a small snapshot of what she is capable of. Emma is highly motivated and bright, and frequently keeps me on my toes by bringing snippets of complex music to her lessons.
Great job, Emma!

JoJo's progress report video filming date fell on Halloween, so we have the added treat of seeing her in costume. JoJo started piano lessons in late August, roughly two months before this video, with the added challenge of having no piano to practice on while hers was in transit. She had an incredible attitude and did a great job practicing what she could on her table at home and going through rhythm activities with family members.

Audrey, age 6, started piano lessons in March 2022, and this video was filmed in mid-October. She is one of the best readers for her age group in my studio. She intuitively understands intervals and sight reads music that students many years older than her still struggle with.

Colton started piano lessons in late August 2022. This video was taken just two months later. Colton's greatest strength at the piano was in his ability to replicate physical demonstrations and maintain good form.