Give-it-a-go Summer Piano Intro

A no-pressure, no-practice introduction to the piano

Have you ever wondered if your child would enjoy piano lessons but been hesitant to commit to a full-year of lessons and the purchase of an expensive instrument?

Give-it-a-go Piano is a no-pressure, no-practice adventure designed to engage students and introduce them to the piano. We'll learn about the piano, create music and have lots of fun playing music theory games.


  • Students new to the piano or within their first year of study
  • Ages 4-15
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Discounts available for multiple weeks*


June 6-8       June 13-15        July 11-13         July 18-20

*Give-it-a-go Piano will be offered during four different weeks of the summer. Because the program is tailored to each student and buddy pair, students can choose to come to any combination of weeks.

Cost: $99 (7 yrs and younger) / $129 (8 yrs and older)


Please fill out the registration and scheduling forms below and return both with payment to Piano with Chelsea at least two weeks before your chosen dates. You are welcome to schedule a time to visit the studio and meet me prior to registration.

Registration Form

Scheduling Form

Summer Tuition & Fees


What will my child learn during Give-it-a-go Piano?

Students will receive an in-depth introduction to the piano as well as exposure to music literacy. In addition to learning keyboard geography and piano playing posture, the concepts and tools we' ll practice include:

How to find the pulse/beat

How to improvise and make music

How to decode written songs

How to sight sing

And much more!

What is the format? How will children be grouped?

Give-it-a-go Piano is an extension of my normal lesson format. Students will work part-time in a traditional, one-on-one setting with me and part-time with a buddy of similar age and experience. This combines the individualized, faster-paced approach of private lessons with the benefits of ensemble music making and collaboration. Students will be active and engaged 100% of the time with nobody plugged into a keyboard and left unattended.

Students under 7 years old will have 40-minute buddy sessions. This is 20 minutes private followed by 20 minutes with me and another student.

Students 8 years and older will take 50-minute buddy sessions. This is 30 minutes private followed by 20 minutes with me and another student.

Can we attend more than one week?

Yes. Because of the highly customized nature of this program, students can easily add on additional weeks. This is a great way to further explore whether or not piano lessons are a good fit for your child. (And if you decide that they are, it' s a wonderful way to get ready for starting lessons in the fall.)

Students who register for more than one week will receive a 25% discount on the second week.

We don't have a piano. Can my child still participate?

Absolutely. This summer program is intended for both pre-piano students (those who are just exploring) as well as those who are in their first year of study. There is no practice requirement. Students will work on songs during their time on my piano.

Parents and students alike will have the benefit of answering the question, "Is piano right for us?" without needing to buy an expensive instrument or commit to a year of lessons.

Do I stay with my child or drop off?

Due to space constraints, in most cases, parents are not in the piano studio during the lesson. A small seating space is provided in the foyer, which allows parents to fully see and hear their child’s lesson.

Unless you live in my neighborhood or your errand is very nearby, lessons are not conducive to dropping your child off. Parents generally sit in the foyer, in their car, or walk around my neighborhood. Parents of preschoolers are required to stay nearby.

Families with multiple students enrolled may drop off as long as they are back in the foyer 5 minutes before we are done.